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Welcome to the home page of the American Police Veterans. If you are a police veteran, a policevet as we say, you have probably noticed that retirement and disability have ushered in a whole new world.  The brotherhood, the thin blue line, the fraternal ties that got you through the hard times has evaporated. For many of you the change is for the good, but for many the changes have been shocking as they have been unexpected.  American Police Veterans brings a new experience to the American police culture. Policevets are discovering that they are a very diverse group with a common history and culture. It is the mission of the American Police Veterans to create a community that supports retired and disabled law enforcement officers through peer support, advocacy and fellowship.  Policevets working with the community to build social, economic and health support systems for America's aging, infirm and disabled law enforcement officers.  American Police Veterans is governed by the principle that no policevet should live in isolation and their many personal and family sacrifices shall not be forgotten.

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These are the stories of the American Police Veterans

America made a promise to take care of those that have protected America.   That promise wasn't broken.  It was empty  words.   Some of those words were turned into laws, where they were ignored.   America Thinks that retired and disabled law enforcement officers are living large at the expense of the taxpayer.   Read their stories.  Then decide for yourself.   Who is paying the penultimate price for safe American communities.  




Police Disability - The Penultimate Sacrifice

Disability is truly the next to the last sacrifice a law enforcement officer makes. The distinction between disability and death can be broad or very narrow. Some law enforcement officers come perilously close to the threshold of ultimate sacrifice. Officers can be saved by medical or divine intervention. For the most part they appear indifferent to the ultimate conclusion.



I'm a Policevet

 I am an American cop. My love for this country and its system of justice is solid and real—that should go without saying—it is obvious by what I have chosen to do with my life


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Being Frustrated, Being Disabled and Fighting Mad

Wow ! you would be amazed at all of the Laws, Codes, Presidential Executive Orders, Statutes, Benefits, Resources, etc, etc, etc that are in place to protect us. Unfortunately but it seems that the people that seem to have that responsibility to administer such don't seem to eager to assist us.


Many Serve - But Few Enter the Battle Alone, Shooter I

The call for help went out. Shots fired at the local high school. Officers raced to the scene as updates continued to come about an active shooter on the campus. Many questions raced threw their minds. Where is the shooter, how many are there, how many have been shot?

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Many Serve - But Few Enter the Battle Alone, Shooter Part II

"11-99 Shots fired!" screamed out on his radio. Shots fired at another high school. How could this happen twice in two weeks? Turning the patrol car around he raced, along with every other officer to the school. Information was broadcast there was a second shooter, and the first was down.

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No Respect in New York

New York Governor vetoes bill for distinctive license plates for disabled police officers.

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American Police Veterans is seeking your support on an issue of vital importance

Many politicians don’t want the WPO and GPO. They are unwilling to make it go away, but it must go away for America’s cops and firefighters. In addition, we have to put a stop to the practice of offsetting public employee’s pensions when Social Security is paid. Additionally, disabled cops across America have earnings limitations and offsets imposed by the very governments that promote inclusion and hiring the disabled.

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